Mary-Ann Horley

I'm a Python developer based in Nottinghamshire, UK. I like to work with Flask, databases of all kinds, APIs and data scraping.

My Projects

Dandelion Control Panel

Screenshot of the Dandelion Control Panel

This is my blog control panel, a work in progress. It stores blog posts, pages, links and taxonomy descriptions in MongoDB via Flask. At the moment my taxonomies are hard-coded in the forms, but my next step is to make these customisable. It's intended to run on my machine so I don't have user controls yet.

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Weather Diary

Screenshot of the Weather Diary

My son and I kept a weather diary for a few months then we got bored and thought we'd automate it. The first version accessed data from the Dark Sky Time Machine API for our location for a month and year given in the URL. I am now in the process of adding a form for selection of dates and geolocation of a user's postcode, and as the URL takes a while to load it will then email them a PDF.

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